Achieve Dramatic Results with the Minimally Invasive PrecisionTx™ Laser Facelift*

Sagging skin, jowls, and fat deposits are common, age-related concerns in the neck and jaw area. While a facelift is often an ideal way to rejuvenate the lower face, there is another effective alternative: treatment with the minimally invasive PrecisionTx™ laser. Dr. James Murphy offers this type of “laser facelift” at our Reno, NV, plastic surgery office and med spa for patients who seek measurable results with less downtime and a more comfortable recovery. In a single, one-hour procedure, the PrecisionTx™ system can provide heat-activated collagen production and fat removal to achieve significant effects.

About the PrecisionTx™ Laser

The PrecisionTx™ system applies laser energy beneath the skin’s surface, stimulating collagen regeneration to renew youthful contouring. This technology allows for very focused, precise targeting of tissue in the neck and jawline area. 

The PrecisionTx™ laser works in two ways. First, unwanted fat is heated for easier removal and drawn out with gentle suction. This can reduce the fleshy pouch under the chin as well as drooping jowls along the jawline. Secondly, the laser provides heat activation to stimulate your natural collagen, the underlying protein that helps give structure to the skin. During treatment, depleted collagen begins to regenerate and expand, which makes skin appear thicker and tighter.

Collagen production continues to improve for several months after treatment, further enhancing skin texture and tone. You can expect to see increased definition in the jawline and more youthful contours from the neck to the chin. In fact, studies have shown a 29 percent increase in skin thickness three months after treatment with the PrecisionTx™ laser.

The Procedure

At your initial consultation, James E. Murphy, M.D. will provide a detailed, personalized treatment plan. After a discussion and assessment, he can recommend whether the PrecisionTx™ laser lift is the right procedure to help provide your cosmetic goals.

The laser facelift is performed in our Medical Spa, and usually takes just 30 minutes to an hour. With topical anesthesia, you can expect to remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

In a single, one-hour procedure, the PrecisionTx™ laser can provide heat-activated collagen production and fat removal to achieve significant effects.

The process begins with the creation of tiny incisions behind each ear and one more beneath the chin. These incisions are so small, scarring will be virtually invisible after you have healed. The unique laser tool is then inserted to provide bi-directional stimulation, targeting unwanted fat and stimulating collagen. Specially designed to precisely measure tissue temperature, the PrecisionTx™ laser has a built-in safeguard to minimize the risk of complications.

After the procedure, dressings will be applied and you will need to wear a compression garment around your head and neck for a few days. Some slight swelling and bruising will be apparent, but you should not experience any significant pain during healing.

Most PrecisionTx™ patients return to work after two to five days. Compared to a traditional facelift, downtime is minimal. You can expect to see immediate results, with continued improvement over several months.

* Note: Results are not guaranteed and can vary per individual. Some images are of models, not actual patients. *

Pro-Nox™: Innovative Pain Relief

Woman undergoing nitrous oxide sedation

The Pro-Nox system from CAREstream is an innovative device that puts you in control of your comfort. This system allows you to self-administer pain medication throughout your procedure as you need it. The fast-acting nitrous oxide mixture only lasts five minutes, meaning you can drive yourself home once you are finished with treatment. The system is incredibly safe and has been used for decades around the world.

We offer Pro-Nox for a range of treatments, including dermal fillers, BOTOX® Cosmetic, laser treatments, Potenza™, tattoo removal, and any surgical procedures in the office.

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