Choosing the Right Breast Implant Profile By James E. Murphy, MD on May 08, 2015

Woman measuring her bust lineOne of the most common areas of the body that women wish to alter is the bust line. Many women develop breasts that are smaller than they would like and that fail to create the hour glass figure that they desire, while others experiences changes in the body that leave the breasts looking droopy and deflated. Fortunately, through breast augmentation, Dr. James Murphy has been able to help countless women address these problems and enhance the shape and size of the breasts. Breast implants add volume to the breasts and also improve their shape. There are many aspects that go into choosing the right breast implant for each patient. Aside from size, texture, and type of implant, Dr. Murphy puts a lot of attention into choosing a breast implant profile that is right for his Reno patients.

Understanding Breast Implant Profiles

Although most patients understand that there are different breast implants to choose from when they are considering breast augmentation, few are aware of the options in regards to breast implant profiles. To understand how breast implant profile affects the shape of the breasts, consider a facial profile. A profile describes how a person or object looks from the side. In regards to breast implants, the profile describes how the volume of a breast implant is distributed. This distribution greatly affects the way the breasts look when looking at a patient from the side (or their profile), but it is also noticeable from the front.

Breast Implant Profile Options

There are several breast implant profile options to consider when choosing a breast implant. Below are three of the most commonly selected profiles:

  • Moderate profile: A moderate breast implant profile is an implant that has a wide base that is able to hold the majority of the implant’s volume. These implants do not project as much as other breast implant profile options.
  • Moderate plus profile: A breast implant that is considered to be moderate plus is one with a considerably wide base, but one that projects slightly more than a moderate profile.
  • High profile: A high profile breast implant is more teardrop in shape. It has a narrower base and projects out further than moderate and moderate plus implants.

Choosing a Breast Implant Profile

When deciding which breast implant profile is right for each patient, there are two primary factors to consider. The first is what shape the patient desires for her breasts and how much she would like the breasts to project when looked at from the side profile. The second, and even more important factor to consider is what the patient’s natural breast shape is. To get a natural fit for the breast implants, and to ensure an attractive breast profile, it is important to work with a breast implant that complements the patient’s breast shape and body type. For example, a patient with a wide breast base would be best suited to a moderate breast implant profile, while a patient that has a narrower frame would get a more natural fit with a moderate plus or high profile breast implant.

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Breast augmentation is a great option for women who are looking to add or restore volume to the breasts. If you are interested in learning more about breast augmentation and the many options available in regards to breast implants, schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to discuss this procedure with Dr. James Murphy. We look forward to hearing from you!

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