Enhance Your Figure with Breast Implants

Perfect naked body, isolated, white backgroundIf you have decided to enhance your figure with breast augmentation, you will also need to select the type of breast implants you want to receive. Dr. James Murphy offers both saline and silicone breast implants to help you achieve precisely the enhancement you desire. Before your procedure, he will provide a complete consultation to help you select the right type of implants for your body type and cosmetic goals. No matter which material you choose, Dr. Murphy will almost usually use round implants for the most lifelike appearance. Contact Murphy Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa today to learn which type of implants may be right for you.

Saline and Silicone Implants

During breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Murphy will make carefully concealed incisions, through which he will insert your implants. He usually places implants below the breast muscles, since this will prevent them from shifting over time. The procedure is virtually the same, no matter which type of implants you choose. Saline implants are comprised of a silicone shell, filled with a sterile salt water solution. Dr. Murphy will fill the implants after they are in place. Silicone implants are made up of a silicone shell, pre-filled with a silicone gel.

Both saline and silicone implants come in different shapes and sizes.  You can choose from various sizes of round implants. These include low, moderate, and high profiles. The size that is best for you will depend on your natural body type, cosmetic goals, and Dr. Murphy’s recommendation.

Are Saline Implants Right for You?

One of the biggest advantages of saline implants is that they are not pre-filled. This means that Dr. Murphy can insert them through a smaller incision. Additionally, like some women, you may feel more comfortable with saline implants because there is no risk of silent rupture. If your implant leaks, your body will naturally absorb the saline. In contrast, silicone will remain in place, and only an MRI can detect the leak. When you choose a silicone implant, you also have a reduced risk for capsular contracture. This condition occurs when your body rejects the implant.

Saline implants are typically more suitable for women with larger frames or thicker breast tissue.  

Are Silicone Implants Right for You?

Silicone implants have become increasingly popular because they are so lifelike. In fact, many believe that silicone implants look and feel virtually indistinguishable from natural breast tissue. Silicone is also more likely to yield long-lasting results. Because the material is lighter, it will stay in place and will not shift in your breast over time.

Although there has been some concern over the risks of silent rupture, recent research has confirmed that silicone poses no risks to your ongoing health. For optimal breast health, however, you will still need to undergo routine screenings and MRIs.

Silicone implants are typically more suitable for smaller women and those who have thinner breast tissue.  

Learn More about the Different Types of Implants

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Murphy today. He will help you select the right type of implants for you, and he will design a custom treatment plan to meet your needs.  

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