H2O: 8 Glasses a day, right? WRONG!

SEO Admin Mar 27, 2012

Tired ofyo-yo dieting and struggling to maintainweight loss?..Pour yourself a nice tall glass of water!

A very common practice of dieters is to push the caffeinated liquids...green tea, coffee, energy drinks...while these beverages hold to their claim to fame of speeding up the metabolism with excess amounts of caffeine, thesedrinks actuallywork against us in terms of hydration becausecaffiene is a type ofdiuretic.

caffeine (and alcohol) = increased urination = water loss = dehydration

Who cares,no one wants to be plagued with water weight anyways, right? WRONG! Well, sort-of. Water retention is what causesunwanted "water weight," this comes from excess sodium intake,animbalanced diet, andmedications or other health factors.Hydration, however, is a whole different ballgame. Without being hydrated, the body is unable to accomplishnormal maintenance and function, and in turn is unable and unwilling to burn any extraunwanted fat.

So in terms of fat loss, the recommendedEIGHT glasses a day of water is not nearly enough, pump it up to 1-2 GALLONS per day, and you will see the pounds and inchesdrop down and STAY down!

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