Healthy Eating for the Whole Family

SEO Admin Oct 12, 2011

A common concern among dieting patients is theinconvenience of cooking one way for the family, and a different way for the individual on the diet. In reality, just a few small adjustments can vaporize this line of separation (too often an excuse for diet deviation).


Green Eggs and Ham: Make breakfast fun! Start your day out right with 25 grams of protein and add a little food coloring to make it fun (and healthy) for the kids as well!

Snack Baggies: Life gets busy, so convenience is often weighed heavier than what may be the healthiest option. Preparation is key to being successful on any diet. Keep snack baggies handy filled with fruits, veggies, or nuts, and encourage kids (and yourself) to grab those for a treat rather than chips or cookies. This way, chips and cookies can be kept out of the house without a big disruption of common daily snacking.

Everyone Needs Protein: Whether dieting or not, every one needs protein. When making family dinners, make the focus on a delicious protein complimented with a hearty vegetable rather than a heavy starchy side or plateful of pasta, this will ensure that everyone is getting a balanced diet. A small side of bread or brown rice can easily be added for growing children or extra hungry husbands, this will simplify dinnertime and allow you to enjoy the meal with the family without the disruption of cooking two different meals each night.

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