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SEO Admin Sep 28, 2011

Although eliminated during the hormone phase of the HCG diet, carbohydrates and healthy fats are not necessarily "bad". Realistically, there are no "bad" foods, all foods are allowed in moderation. Once on the maintenance phase of the diet, we strive for a gradual reincorporation of these foods into daily consumption by eating complexcarbohydrates and simple sugars (fruit)early in the day, and ending the day with vegetables and lean protein, while incorporating healthy (mono- or poly- unsaturated) fats throughout the day. The following is an example of a sample menu for an individual on the maintenance phase of the diet - choose one of the two complex carbohydrate options:

Breakfast 7:00am: Egg whiteomeletwith onions,Swisscheese and spinach. Option 1 complex carb: 1 cup of WHOLE OATS (not instant) oatmeal.

Snack 10:00 am: Plain yogurt with berries.

Lunch 12:30pm: Green salad with grilled chicken, vegetables and lightItaliandressing. Option 2 complex carb: 1 cup brown rice.

Snack 3:00pm:Celery withpeanut butter.

Dinner 6:00pm: Salmon with steamed broccoli.

Snack 8:00pm: Almonds and string cheese.

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