Lip fillers with Hyaluronic Acid - Are They Safe?

James E. Murphy, MD Apr 4, 2019


Having a plump pout is now as popular as teeth whitening. In the past, lip fillers along with other dermal fillers were only popular with patients who had started seeing changes in their faces and lips due to the natural aging process. That however, isn’t the case anymore. Over the past several years there has been a boom in lip filler and dermal injections. Younger generations are turning to lip and dermal fillers to achieve that plump voluminous look they desire. But is this new trend safe? Here are some common misconceptions about lip fillers.

“Will Lip fillers stretch out my lips and leave me with saggy deflated lips after the lip filler wears off?” The answer is no. There is ZERO evidence that lip fillers stretch out your natural lips. Dermal fillers main ingredient is Hyaluronic acid which is naturally occurring in our body, it is essential for keeping the skin hydrated thanks to its ability to bind and retain water molecules. Collagen synthesis is increased in the areas injected, which help thicken the dermis layer preventing wrinkles. The lips go back to their normal state after the filler wears off. Depending on the filler this is 6-24 months. 

“After getting lip fillers my lips will feel and look un-natural?” This is one of the most common misconceptions because of the awful outcomes often seen online. The answer is a resounding NO. When done correctly Lip fillers will be barely noticeable to the average onlooker. Fillers do not have to be a huge jump in size, (unless of course that is the look that is desired) but instead a subtle increase in fullness. Lip injections done using FDA approved filler with hyaluronic acid feel completely identical to natural lips.

“Anyone can do my lip filler”. This is absolutely FALSE. This is where most of the ‘BOTCHED” cases come from. Having FDA unapproved materials or having unlicensed providers inject you is very dangerous not only to your health, but can leave you with permanent damage. Cheaper is not always better, and will be more expensive to have to fix the damage later on.  Always make sure you do your research on who will be doing your injections and make sure they are licensed MD or RN who have had proper training with injectable’s.

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