Breast Surgery and Areola Reduction By James E. Murphy, MD on September 06, 2016

Close-up of a woman’s hand over her breast, concealing her areolaOne of the many keys to successful breast surgery is to produce results so natural looking and complementary of the patient’s body that it is virtually impossible to imagine her breasts appearing any other way. Dr. James E. Murphy combines more than 17 years of experience, finely honed surgical skills, and a remarkable eye for aesthetics to produce just such results. Whether a patient is undergoing breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction, he is able to provide her with precisely the breasts she desires. Patients emerge from surgery generally feeling better about themselves and far more confident in their own skin.

In order to achieve such natural-looking results, Dr. Murphy sometimes has to reduce the size of the areola, the circular patch of dark-colored skin that surrounds the nipple. This is often necessary to complement the new size and shape of the breast. Dr. Murphy discusses the possibility of combining breast surgery and areola reduction during consultations at his Reno, NV plastic surgery practice with patients who are likely to benefit from such a treatment plan. He explains what areola reduction involves and its various risks and benefits so that patients can make informed, confident decisions about how to proceed.

Are you a good candidate for breast surgery with areola reduction? To find out, we invite you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Murphy by contacting Murphy Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa today.

What Does Areola Reduction Entail?

Areola reduction is a fairly straightforward procedure. Dr. Murphy meticulously places an incision along the outer edge of the areola, followed by a second circular incision a couple of millimeters inside of the first incision. This allows him to remove a thin strip of skin resembling a doughnut. Once this skin has been excised, Dr. Murphy pulls the outer border of skin toward the inner border and stitches them together. The resulting scar from the surgery is usually difficult to discern due to the fact that it blends into the border of the areola.

Although areola reduction can be performed on its own, most often it is combined with another type of breast surgery, commonly either breast lift or breast reduction. Large areolae can contribute to an aged, stretched appearance to the breasts, particularly breasts that either have already begun to droop or are disproportionately large compared to the patient’s frame. Reducing the size of the areolae can make the breasts look lighter and more youthful. In any event, areola reduction is often necessary to maintain a natural appearance whenever tissues are removed from the breasts, as larger areolae appear even more out of proportion on smaller, perkier breasts.

Areola reduction can also be performed on men who are undergoing male breast reduction as a treatment for gynecomastia.

Learn More about Breast Surgery and Areola Reduction

If you would like to learn more about breast surgery and areola reduction, or you wish to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. James E. Murphy, please contact Murphy Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa today.

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