Getting Ready to Look Great: Lifestyle Changes Before Plastic Surgery By James E. Murphy, MD on August 06, 2016

Older people walking in the park togetherHere at Murphy Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa, we are concerned about all facets and aspects of surgery. This is what makes us one of the leading cosmetic surgery and skin care centers in Reno. By going into the pre-op and post-op process of facial plastic surgery and other aesthetic procedures, we help put patients at ease and help them recover quickly.

What surprises many patients is that healing often begins before the surgery is even performed. With that in mind, let's look at a few lifestyle changes before plastic surgery that can improve healing and prevent serious side effects and complications.

Eating Right Means Optimal Health

One of the best ways you can get yourself ready for surgery is eating right. This gets your body healthy and feeling good, and it can reduce the risk of complications during the recovery process. Be sure to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Go easy on saturated fats and trans fats, cut out unnecessary sugar, look at lean sources of protein, and consider complex carbohydrates.

Exercise to Enhance Circulation

In addition to eating right, patients should exercise in the lead-up to surgery. For liposuction in particular, a plastic surgeon often recommends that patients eat right and exercise to lose weight naturally in order to ensure the best possible fat removal and reduction results. Exercise will make you feel great and will also improve blood circulation, which is crucial for proper healing.

Avoid Smoking and Tobacco Products

Smoking and tobacco products are bad for your general health. If you smoke or use smokeless tobacco, you are actually more at risk for infection and slower healing from wounds. In the weeks leading into surgery, be sure to avoid smoking at tobacco products. This is something you should avoid for the weeks after surgery as well.

Take It Easy with Alcoholic Beverages

A drink every now and then can be good to unwind, but alcohol can make you more prone to poor healing and infection. Like smoking, be sure to avoid alcohol for a few weeks before surgery and for a few weeks after surgery.

Stop Taking Certain Medications

Blood thinners and other kinds of medications may be necessary for your daily life, but they can have a negative effect on surgical healing and recovery. During the consultation process, we can discuss the various medications that you are currently on and why it may be ideal to avoid taking them before surgery and for a little while after surgery as well.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for the Procedure and Recovery

We're not going to lie: plastic surgery can take a toll on you emotionally and mentally. There may be anxiety leading into surgery, and the soreness after the procedure can also lead to a great deal of angst. Be sure to talk to us and your loved ones about your concerns. Give voice to what is bothering you. Sometimes sharing your feelings and discussing your worries can help ease stress and help you feel more reassured.

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