Smartlipo™: What Side Effects Are There After Laser Liposuction By James E. Murphy, MD on June 09, 2016

A woman with a sheet around her waistPeople in Reno looking for safe, effective, and state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery can trust our practice to offer the latest options available. We offer advanced techniques and technologies to reduce wrinkles and enhance overall body contour and aesthetics.

One such option that's growing in popularity is Smartlipo™, a laser-assisted form of cosmetic fat reduction. Let's look at the basics and then consider the side effects.

About Smartlipo™

Smartlipo™ is an excellent step forward in body contouring and fat reduction. This innovative laser liposuction option removes stubborn fat deposits that will not go away even with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

The laser cannula can melt the fat away, and in the process tighten your skin to eliminate the drooping and sagging associated with some fat reduction procedures. You candidacy for Smartlipo™ can be determined during a consultation.

Side Effects Are Part of the Healing Process

Like any kind of surgery, Smartlipo™ involves a few side effects during the pot-operative period. Side effects are a common part of the healing process and an indication that you body is responding to the surgery and healing properly.

If you notice worsening of any of the side effects we mention below, be sure to get in touch with the office as soon as possible so your issue can be addressed.

Discomfort in the Treatment Area

Obviously some degree of pain and discomfort is part of the surgical treatment process. It will be centralized around the area of the body that has been treated, and should be most pronounced in the first day or so. The use of recommended pain relievers is ideal for addressing the pain and discomfort.

Bruising and Swelling

Bruising and swelling are also common issues following Smartlipo™ treatment. The bruising will be most visible in the first week, fading by the end of two to three weeks. As for the swelling, the major welling tends to subside after two weeks, with minor swelling persisting in the weeks ahead. For some patients, some minor swelling may persist for a few months.

Lumpiness in the Treatment Area

Since the Smartlipo™ procedure involves the removal of some fat, it's not uncommon for patients to experience a little bit of lumpiness in the treatment area. This lumpiness will typically even out over the course of the next few weeks as your body recovers. Sometimes the final results of the Smartlipo™ treatment will require a few months to set in.

How Much Time Should I Take Off Work for Smartlipo™ Recovery?

In general, Smartlipo™ is minimally invasive and will not require as much downtime as traditional liposuction thanks to the use of laser technology. Most patients will take a few days to a week off of work, though this can vary depending on the treatment area. We will offer an estimated recovery time during the consultation process.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. James E. Murphy

For more information about Smartlipo™ and your many other options for advanced body contouring and sculpting, be sure to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery center today. Dr. James E. Murphy and his team will help you look your absolute best.

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