Considering the Pros and Cons of Large Breast Implants By James E. Murphy, MD on September 05, 2015

Female with large breastsMany women consider the bust line to be one of the most defining of their physical features. Unfortunately, a great number of these women lack the shape and volume that they desire for their breasts. This is the main reason that, year after year, breast augmentation continues to be one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. However, breast implants come in many different types, shapes, and sizes, and choosing the implants that will suit your needs and desires is extremely important. Dr. James Murphy discusses the pros and cons of large breast implants with his Reno patients so that they can make an informed decision regarding implant size.

Pros of Large Implants

Women who make the choice to undergo breast augmentation are looking for a change in the appearance of their breasts, so it is reasonable that many lean toward large implants. Large implants do have their advantages. Some of the pros that large implants can offer to our patients include the following:

  • Large implants are noticeable: When a woman increases her bust size slightly with smaller implants, the change may not be dramatic. Large breast implants significantly change the size of the breasts and often draw attention. For women who want to noticeably enhance their figure, this is an advantage of large implants.
  • Large implants can improve proportions: If a woman is naturally curvy around the hips, they may require large implants to improve body proportions. For these curvier women, large breast implants can help to fill out a voluptuous, hourglass figure.
  • Improved self-confidence: If small breasts have compromised a patient’s self-esteem, large implants can provide the enhancement that can make a woman feel sexier and more beautiful. Many women who opt for large breast implants report a boost in self-confidence after surgery.

Cons of Large Implants

While large implants can provide patients with the dramatic enhancement that they desire, they may bring on some physical restraints or other disadvantages. Before deciding on large breast implants, patients should consider the following cons:

  • Physical limitations: Large breast implants can limit a person’s physical abilities and make activities such as running and working out difficult.
  • Discomfort: Large implants are more likely to cause physical discomfort such as neck, back, or shoulder pain. This is especially true if patients have a smaller body frame that cannot properly support the weight of large implants.
  • Increased risk of complications: While the risk of breast augmentation complications is small, that risk does increase slightly with large implants. Large implants are more likely to cause numbness, capsular contracture, or bottoming out. Large implants may also cause the breasts to sag.
  • Large implants look less natural: Large implants are very noticeable. While this is not a problem for some patients, those looking for a more natural appearance may want to consider smaller implants.

Every patient has different goals when it comes to the appearance of their breasts. It is important to discuss your personal desires with Dr. Murphy, and to consider all the pros and cons of large implants, so that an appropriate implant size can be determined. While Dr. Murphy will be happy to provide professional input, this is primarily a personal decision for our patients.

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