Our Requirements for Thigh Lift Candidates By James E. Murphy, MD on March 10, 2015

Woman’s tan, smooth, fit legs on the beach.  Many people who work hard to lose significant weight are left with sagging, drooping skin or stubborn fat that doesn’t go away no matter how much they exercise. Skin may also begin to sag or droop due to aging or hereditary conditions Dr. Murphy offers a wide array of body contouring procedures to help patients enjoy smoother, firmer skin and increased confidence. If you’re struggling with excess skin, fat, and tissue around your upper legs, Dr. Murphy can perform thigh lift surgery to tighten your skin and enhance your figure. He often helps our Reno patients determine if they are good thigh lift candidates. If you are interested in firmer, smoother thighs, the information below may help you figure out if you are eligible for this procedure.

What Happens during a Thigh Lift?

During a thigh lift, Dr. Murphy makes an incision into both of your thighs to access the underlying tissue for modification. There are several types of thigh lifts, differentiated by where the surgeon creates the incision:

  • An inner thigh lift involves an incision where your thigh meets your public area.
  • During a bilateral thigh lift, or “outer” thigh lift, Dr. Murphy creates a V-shaped incision at the bottom of your pubic area, much like the edges of a pair of underwear.
  • A medial thigh lift involves a more extensive incision beginning at the pubic area and extending to the buttocks or hips. This is used primarily for patients who have experienced extreme weight loss.
  • A mini thigh lift is a less invasive procedure involving only a small incision in the pubic region.

No matter which type of thigh lift surgery you choose, Dr. Murphy will use the incision to remove any fat deposits or soft tissue, pull your excess skin so it is taut, and trim it before suturing. Depending on your particular condition, a thigh lift may also involve liposuction to remove fat cells.

Candidacy Requirements

To remain safe and experience excellent results from your thigh lift, you must meet certain basic criteria. To meet the candidacy requirements for thigh lift surgery, you should:

  • Be at or very close to your goal weight. Thigh lift surgery is not a suitable substitute for proper exercise and nutrition.  
  • Not be a smoker or heavy drinker. These lifestyle choices can impair your ability to heal, increasing your risk for complications. You may become a candidate for thigh lift surgery if you agree to stop smoking and drinking heavily for a prescribed period of time before and after your thigh lift.
  • Have realistic expectations for this procedure. Thigh lift surgery can improve your thighs’ appearance, but it may not be able to provide the exact look you want. Dr. Murphy will explain your predicted results at your initial consultation.
  • Be willing to maintain your new figure after surgery. Losing or gaining weight after your procedure could interfere with your results.
  • Be healthy and free from any immune compromising conditions or diseases that could make recovering more challenging for you.

The Initial Consultation

Dr. Murphy will evaluate your thighs, go over your medical records, explain the surgery, answer your questions, and inform you if you are a good candidate for thigh lift surgery at your first appointment. If he finds that you do not qualify for a thigh lift due to smoking, drinking, or inadequate weight loss, we may be able to help you become eligible for this procedure.

Experience Smoother, Firmer Thighs

Please contact us today to learn if you are a good candidate for a thigh lift or schedule a consultation with Dr. Murphy.

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