The health and welfare of our patients is of our utmost concern.

In accordance with the recommendations of the CDC and Governor Sisolak’s recommendation to the state of Nevada, we have closed our medical spa for any procedures and treatments.

We are seeing post op patients, and any of our patients that need medical care.

Although we will not be doing any medical Spa Treatments, we would love to book your future appointments and look forward to seeing you hopefully after April 20th.

If anything changes with the date of us opening up to patients, we will post it here.

We are still taking phone calls, and can schedule consults and appointments.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Dr. James and Tracy Murphy and the staff at Murphy Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa.

RevLite SI: The Latest and Greatest Laser in Tattoo Removal

SEO Admin Dec 17, 2012

The RevLite SI is the MOST ADVANCED technological laser for safely and successfully removing tattoos without damaging or scarring the surrounding skin.

Murphy Plastic Surgery is the ONLY local practice using the RevLite SI laser.

What makes the RevLite SI laser so special? We will tell you...

- RevLite SI YAG laser features a Smart Infinite (SI) hand piece for enhanced precision.

- Photo Acoustic action gives short pulses which shatter the target molecule of tattoo ink without harming the surrounding skin

- Laser automatically adjusts spot size and wavelength to coordinate with the hand piece

- RevLite SI is the most advanced laser for removing black and multi colored tattoos.

  • Most lasers have 2 wavelengths to target black, dark blue and red inks. This laser has 4 wavelengths to target a wide range of colors from black, blue and red, to orange, purple and even the most difficult colors-green and sky blue.

- The laser safely penetrates the skin and targets each tattoo ink color with specific wavelengths, causing the tattoo to gradually fade.

- Complete tattoo removal can take 5 to 15 treatment sessions.

- After numbing cream is placed on the tattoo, the actual treatment session only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

- Patients will generally receive treatments every 6-8 weeks

What to expect:

The short laser pulses feel like snaps of small rubber bands, followed by a warm sensation. A temporary whitening will follow the first treatment then skin will return to its natural color. Black, dark blue and red are the easiest and fastest colors to remove, while green and sky blue will disappear in the later treatments.

Types of Treatable tattoos:

  • Amateur: These tattoos generally respond more quickly than professional tattoos. Removal can be accomplished in approximately 3 fewer treatments than professional tattoos.

  • Professional: These tattoos usually have an even distribution of ink with an even depth of placement. Since more ink is used in professional tattoos, more treatments are needed to remove them. These tattoos may also include a greater number or variety of colors.

- Tattoo must be at least 3 months old before tattoo removal treatment can occur

Please look at the before and after Tattoo Removal

photos in our Photo Gallery

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