The health and welfare of our patients is of our utmost concern.

In accordance with the recommendations of the CDC and Governor Sisolak’s recommendation to the state of Nevada, we have closed our medical spa for any procedures and treatments.

We are seeing post op patients, and any of our patients that need medical care.

Although we will not be doing any medical Spa Treatments, we would love to book your future appointments and look forward to seeing you hopefully after April 20th.

If anything changes with the date of us opening up to patients, we will post it here.

We are still taking phone calls, and can schedule consults and appointments.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Dr. James and Tracy Murphy and the staff at Murphy Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa.

Breast Lift with Augmentation Patient 11

SEO Admin Aug 21, 2012

Age: 28

Height: 5' 6"

weight: 145

Pre-op cup: Sagging B

Post-op cup: D+

Lift Type: Benelli Mastopexy


Type: Allergan Smooth Round Moderate Profile, 650ccSaline Implants

Size: Right 650cc; Left 700cc

Placement: Submuscular

Incision Type: Circum-areolar (Benelli)

Comment: Patient has awidechest width. The patient wanted better cleavage and better chest to hip ratio. The right breast is larger and has more skin than the left.The advantage of a Benelli mastopexy is that it does not have the scars going down the front or under the breast, also the areolar size can be reduced, but it typically requires a larger implant to fill up the loose skin. Post-op the symmetry is improved as is the chest to hip ratio. The nipples sit higher on the breastand they are in better alignment. Again, the advantage is no scars except around the areola

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