Alleviate Discomfort with Breast Reduction Options through Reno Specialist Dr. James E. Murphy By SEO Admin on February 15, 2012

For those with a larger than average chest size, it can often cause a number of problems that affect their daily lives. Activities such as a playing sports or even simply resting can lead to back problems that continue to prevent them from enjoying their day-to-day lives. Its for this reason that manyRenoresidents are now considering breast reduction surgery as a means to help to them get back to their active lifestyle and decrease the pain in their back. In terms of specialist care, oneRenobased expert stands out within this localNevadacosmetic surgery field Dr. James. E. Murphy.

Dr. Murphy is known within the field for his years of experience in providing an exceptionally high level of medical care to his patients. He has been board-certified member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery since 2000 and is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. James Murphy was born and raised inRenoand received his medical degree from the University of Nevada-Reno Medical School. It is this foundation that has now helped Dr. Murphy to become one of the busiest and most respected cosmetic surgeons within theNorthern Nevadaregion.

For those looking for a specialist through which to undergo breast reduction surgery in Reno, Dr. Murphy and his team at the Murphy Plastic Surgery clinic at the leading choice. Not only is Dr. Murphy one of the most highly qualification specialists within his field but hes also known for his exceptionally calm and helpful demeanor when communicating directly with patients. This helps to put his patients at ease and allows them to feel that they can truly speak with the doctor about any concerns that they might have about their upcoming procedure.

Breast reduction surgery is often thought of as an aesthetic procedure. However, the majority of breast reductions carried out by Dr. James E. Murphy are completed for medical reasons in order to help women alleviate back pain and other side-effects of having larger breasts such as neck pain, tension headaches, skin rashes and bra strap indentations.

ManyRenowomen considering undergoing a breast reduction often wonder what will take place during their procedure. Dr. Murphy will answer any questions that clients might have when they attend his clinic for their initial introductory appointment. However there is a basic process through which all patients go through when undergoing the surgery. The surgery is performed at one of the localNorthern Nevadamedical centers on an outpatient basis while the patient is under general anesthesia. During the surgery, there will be an incision made around the nipple, another vertically from the areola under to the crease under the breast and another along the contour of the crease under the breast. Through these incisions the doctor will expertly remove any excess fatty tissue and then skin in that area is then removed. During the portion of the surgery, the doctor can decrease the size of the nipple and reposition them higher on the breast in order to ensure that they fit the new patients new body shape.

Once the surgery has been completed, patients tend to be able to move around and participate in basic activities such walking outside within 24 hours and after 4-6 weeks post-surgery patients are ready again to begin more vigorous exercise. Dr. Murphy is on call 24 hours a day to ensure that patients are comfortable during both the pre and post-surgery stages of the process.

To learn more about Dr. Murphy and the procedures offered through Murphy Plastic Surgery, contact their clinic team today and book your first exploratory appointment.

About Murphy Plastic Surgery:

For those looking for affordable plastic surgery, Nevadas Murphy Plastic Surgery is the ideal choice. The organizations team has both the understanding and the experience to ensure patients are provided with the very epitome of professional cosmetic care. For more information, please go to

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