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Tummy Tuck

Even if you have lost a large amount of weight, you may struggle with extra skin and fat around your stomach.

A tummy tuck can eliminate excess skin, tighten weakened abdominal muscles, and slim down your midsection.

At Murphy Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa in Reno, NV, we take a custom approach to each tummy tuck procedure.

Tummy Tucks Are Hugely Popular


A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that contours the abdomen through muscle tightening and the removal of excess fat and skin. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons® reports that tummy tucks are the 4th most sought-after cosmetic surgical procedure in the U.S. 

The Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Less Excess Skin

Improved Self-Confidence

A Slimmer Abdomen

​A Smoother Figure

Tightened Abdominal Muscles

Enhanced Natural Beauty

Tummy Tuck Results

*Note: Results are not guaranteed and can vary per individual.

Before tummy tuck photo
Before Tummy Tuck
Tummy tuck after photo
After Tummy Tuck
Our surgeon has dedicated his career to providing life-changing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery here in his hometown of Reno. His extensive gallery, which showcases nearly 400 different surgical cases, represents just a fraction of his many successful procedures. 

How Much Does
Tummy Tuck Cost?

The price of a tummy tuck starts at $11,000 at our practice. The cost may increase if patients require more extensive treatment, such as added liposuction.


We accept in-office and outside financing. Patients make affordable monthly payments so they can pay off treatment over time. Choices include CareCredit®, ALPHAEON® Credit, Sierra Pacific, PatientFi®, and layaway plans.

Get a Price Quote

At your tummy tuck consultation, Dr. James E. Murphy will go over the costs with you. He will provide a custom price quote for this plastic surgery procedure.

Save on Your Plastic Surgery Procedure With Our Monthly Specials

In addition to our financing options, we're happy to feature monthly specials at our Reno office. While we cannot guarantee that these specials will include savings on an abdominoplasty, they can help you see your cosmetic enhancement possibilities.

Trust Our Bilingual Staff For Your Care Come In for a Consultation Today

Finding a caring yet knowledgeable staff for your abdominoplasty can be stressful. Language can be a significant barrier. If you cannot find a team that can communicate fully with you and your loved ones, then you may not be comfortable seeking the tummy tuck you're dreaming of.

Our bilingual team speaks both English and Spanish. We can keep you informed every step of the way. From simple questions to learning about your procedure in depth, we can make this process as straightforward as possible. Want to learn more? Contact our office in Reno, NV, or call:

(775) 322-3446

Dr. James E. Murphy and the team at Murphy Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa are proud to serve both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking patients.

"I can not express enough how thankful I am." 5-Star Reviews From Our Reno, NV, Patients


J devine

Reno, NV


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I have always gone with Murphy Plastic Surgery for all my surgeries and have always been pleased... Dr.Murphy did a great job on my last breast augmentation and I highly recommend him. I can not express enough how thankful I am with his services. 

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Karli Kwas

Reno, NV


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Excellent bedside manor! He really cares about his patients. He did a great job on my surgery!

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Allow Our Expert Surgeon To Evaluate Your Candidacy

Struggling with excess skin around the midsection can seriously harm self-confidence. This leads some women to wrongly believe they will not be suitable candidates for a procedure they want. Call or write to Dr. James E. Murphy so he can use his surgical expertise to determine if a tummy tuck is right for you. 

(775) 322-3446

Dr. James E. Murphy Is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

To become a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, one must have already achieved the high honor of board certification. A candidate must then meet other strict requirements that include references from surgical experts and proving themselves to be a specialist in surgery. 

Types of Tummy Tuck

We are able to customize each tummy tuck procedure to the needs of the patient because we offer mini, traditional, and extended tummy tuck techniques. The mini tummy tuck only addresses loose skin in the lower abdominal area, while the extended version also addresses excess skin toward the flanks.

Our Surgeon Performs Scar Revision With Tummy Tuck Surgery

Before Tummy Tuck Surgery
After Tummy Tuck Surgery
Some women's primary cosmetic concern is unsightly scarring, not excess skin or fat. Dr. James E. Murphy can conceal unwanted scarring by performing scar revision with tummy tuck. As you can see, this Reno patient received a more attractive abdomen free from her noticeable vertical scar thanks to our surgeon's treatment. 

Contact Our Plastic Surgery Practice Schedule Your Consultation

You have worked hard to reach or maintain a healthy weight. You deserve a figure that reflects your efforts. Schedule your consultation to find out if you are a candidate for a tummy tuck. We serve patients from Reno, NV, and the areas around Lake Tahoe.

Contact us online to send us a message or request a consultation with our plastic surgeon. You can also reach us by calling

(775) 322-3446

Dr. Murphy and staff

Dr. James E. Murphy and his team of plastic surgery professionals can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your body. We provide personalized treatment, so that you can have a hand in your own stunning results.

"Couldn't be happier with my results!" Glowing 5-Star Reviews


Vallery LaBarre

Reno, NV


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Dr Murphy has wonderful bedside manor. He is able to present things honestly but in a way that doesn't feel judgmental. He actually declined to do a procedure on me because he felt it would not give good results. I appreciated his kindness and am very pleased with the results of my procedure.

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Toni Slater

Reno, NV


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The whole staff is awesome and I couldn't be happier with my results! I definitely recommend Dr. Murphy's and will go back for anything else in the future!

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Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction: What Is the Difference?

Many patients believe that a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is the same as liposuction. This misconception is completely understandable. However, the surgeries differ in what they can achieve.

Why Abdominoplasty Is Performed

An abdominoplasty smooths your abdomen. It comes with several different options, such as a traditional or mini tummy tuck. This is done by tightening your abdominal muscles and removing excess skin, as well as excess fat.

Why Liposuction Is Performed

Liposuction, on the other hand, strictly deals with the removal of fat. Unlike tummy tucks, liposuction can be used in a variety of areas beyond the abdomen, like the arms, buttocks, and chin.

For More Exquisite Results Combine an Abdominoplasty and Liposuction

Excess skin and excess fat can both be addressed when a plastic surgeon combines abdominoplasty with liposuction.

These two procedures can often be done at the same time. Combining these body contouring procedures means you will not have to return for an additional visit. Of course, this also depends on your candidacy and your cosmetic goals.

Dr. James E. Murphy will be fully transparent with you about your enhancement options. If he does not think that you are eligible for one or both of the procedures, he can recommend alternatives that may be better for your needs.

Model Body

The Abdominoplasty Procedure Step-by-Step

For optimal safety, your tummy tuck will take place in a hospital here in the Reno area.


To begin treatment, you will receive general anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout the surgery.


Once you are sedated, Dr. Murphy will create two incisions. The first will be located between your navel and pubic area, extending from hipbone to hipbone. The second incision will encircle your belly button.

Removing Excess Tissue

Through these incisions, Dr. Murphy will trim away any damaged, stretched, or excess tissue.

Adjusting Abdominal Muscles

He can also repair separated abdominal muscles to provide you with a flatter, tauter midsection.

Optional Liposuction

Dr. Murphy may also perform liposuction to eliminate stubborn fat deposits as part of your treatment plan.

Naval Adjustments

In most cases, Dr. Murphy will also relocate your naval to a higher and more youthful position on your stomach.

Completing Surgery

Finally, he will close the incisions with stitches or surgical tape.

Greater Pain Relief with EXPAREL

We use EXPAREL®, an advanced pain reliever, to minimize discomfort and speed recovery. This is greatly beneficial to all of our abdominoplasty patients because it minimizes apprehension and improves the post-surgical experience. In fact, just one dose of this non-opioid can reduce pain for three days.

Tummy Tuck Results

As you heal, you will enjoy the results of your tummy tuck. Your stomach may be significantly more defined. Excess skin and fat deposits will be drastically reduced if not eliminated. Your stretch marks may also fade. As a result, you may look years younger and pounds thinner, and you could enjoy a greater sense of self-confidence than ever before.

Have a Busy Schedule? Choose a Plastic Surgeon Who Works on Your Timeline

From work to childcare to chores, Dr. James E. Murphy and our staff know that you have a lot on your plate. We want to make your life a little easier, which is why Murphy Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa offers extended hours.

At our Reno, NV, practice, you can take advantage of our late and weekend hours for your next appointment, opening up new possibilities based on your own schedule.

Does a tummy tuck on your own time sound like a good idea? To begin the treatment process, contact our office in Reno or call:


Patients considering extended, traditional, or mini tummy tuck can visit Murphy Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa for late or weekend consultations.

"I highly recommend this place!" Why Our Reno, NV, Patients Love Their Results


Cheryl Muzinich MPM RMP


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I have been seeing Dr. Murphy for about 20 years. A rare find in the plastic surgery field, he will set proper expectations and not embellish what the ultimate outcome may be of any particular procedure. His staff is friendly and pricing is reasonable. Highly recommend!

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Sara Cardoza

Reno, NV


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I love this place! They have wonderful products that have made my skin look youthful again... Dr Murphy has done a wonderful job on a surgery I got. I have gotten tons of compliments on how great I look. I highly recommend this place!!!!

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Common Abdominoplasty FAQs

Will There Be Scarring After My Tummy Tuck? Yes, but it can vary

Patients will experience a degree of scarring after their abdominoplasty, the extent of which depends on the type of tummy tuck performed. For instance, a mini tummy tuck will require smaller and fewer incisions than an extended tummy tuck.

Dr. James E. Murphy believes in taking a conservative approach to surgery, which allows him to enhance your natural beauty and minimize the potential of scarring.

With care and time, post-op scarring will usually fade. Scars can also be hidden easily when you wear many bathing suits, allowing you to feel confident in your new figure.

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Can I Tighten My Abdominal Muscles With a Tummy Tuck? The Answer Is Yes

Before Abdominoplasty
Before Abdominoplasty
After Abdominoplasty
After Abdominoplasty
After pregnancy, many people notice that their abdominal muscles are weaker or that they have separated. This is a normal occurrence and does not require treatment. However, if you wish you could refine the abdominal area and strengthen your muscles, then a tummy tuck at our Reno practice can provide the results you're looking for.

Can a Tummy Tuck Replace Weight Loss? No, a tummy tuck is not a weight loss substitute

No, tummy tucks cannot replace weight loss.

While you will likely lose several pounds of excess skin and fat, abdominoplasty is not intended to replace weight loss.

In fact, patients must be within about 10 or 15 pounds of their goal weight to be considered for the procedure, even if it includes added liposuction.

"I could not have picked a better doctor." Hear from Our Patients


Lily V

Reno, NV


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I love this doctor so much! His personality stands out from the crowd. He made me feel so safe and secure, listened to what my desired results were and he definitely paid attention to detail! I could not have picked a better doctor

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ashlee pittard

Reno, NV


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The staff is very friendly and answered every question I had as I went through my procedure process!

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Dr. James Murphy

Murphy Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa

Dr. James Murphy is a highly trained, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has been in practice 25 years. He serves patients throughout Reno and Lake Tahoe and is affiliated with several prestigious organizations, including: 

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons 
  • American College of Surgeons 
  • American Medical Association 
  • Reno Surgical Society

Schedule your consultation today by contacting us online or call (775) 322-3446. Se habla español. If you would like to text us during business hours, we can respond via text to you. You can also send pictures to us with questions.

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