Male Breast Reduction: Creating Masculine Chest Contours

p>Many men develop excess breast tissue, which can be a source of considerable anxiety. Dr. James Murphy offers male breast reduction surgery at his Reno, NV, practice to create masculine chest contours and boost self-esteem. Reach out today to learn how Dr. Murphy’s skilled and compassionate  treatment can give you the appearance you want and the confidence you deserve.

How Can Surgery Help?

Male breast reduction surgery is used to treat gynecomastia, a condition in which male breasts become over-developed. The excess tissue can include localized fat, glandular tissue, and excess skin.

This condition is often caused by a relative decrease in testosterone levels compared to estrogen levels. A number of issues can upset your hormonal balance, including natural hormonal changes during puberty and later in life. Other causes include heavy alcohol consumption, certain medications or drugs, and a wide variety of health conditions. Consequently, while the condition is most often seen in infants, teenagers, and men between the ages of 50 and 80, it can arise at any time in a patient’s life.

Gynecomastia is often a source of significant emotional and psychological distress, causing some men to avoid certain physical activities or intimacy in order to hide the condition.

Male breast reduction offers a solution to this anxiety. Flattening and enhancing the chest contours can help men feel greater confidence and experience a better quality of life.


shirtless man at beachSurgery is not the most appropriate solution in every case. Typically, Dr. Murphy recommends breast reduction to patients for whom non-surgical methods, such as lifestyle changes, have proven unsuccessful. Candidates should be in overall good health, maintain a steady weight, have a stable breast size, and have realistic goals for improving the physical effects of gynecomastia.

Timeline for Treatment

Treatment begins with a consultation. At this time, Dr. Murphy will ask about your surgical goals, evaluate your medical history, and discuss your options in order to determine a treatment plan. If necessary, he may also perform diagnostic tests to determine the underlying cause of your condition.


Before surgery, you will receive either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. During surgery, Dr. Murphy can use liposuction and tissue excision to reduce breast tissue and refine your contours. 

Liposuction is usually recommended when gynecomastia involves excess fatty tissue. A thin hollow tube is inserted through several small incisions in the chest. The device is then moved back and forth in a controlled motion to loosen the excess fat. Once dislodged, the fat is removed with gentle suction.

Excision is best suited to gynecomastia involving excess skin or glandular tissue. It can involve repositioning the nipple or reducing the size of the areola, if necessary. 


The results of surgery are almost always immediately apparent. As post-surgical swelling subsides and scars fade, the results will look increasingly natural. Committing to a healthy lifestyle is an essential part of maintaining your results.

Contact Us Today

Dr. Murphy is a masterful plastic surgeon who can restore your confidence with advanced techniques. If you are interested in male breast reduction, contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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