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Breast Augmentation Implant Plastic Surgery - Reno and Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Breast augmentation implant  is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, giving women the opportunity to reshape or enlarge their breasts. This safe procedure allows women to feel more feminine and to improve their confidence.

If you are considering undergoing a breast augmentation procedure, here are a few questions you should ask your surgeon:

  • Are you board certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery? How long have you been certified? 
  • What are the risks and complications associated with having breast implants?
  • Do you have before-and-after photos I can look at for each procedure? Look at the doctor’s results, which show his ability.
  • What results and size are reasonable for me? Let your doctor help guide you on this one. Each body is very different, and your surgeon can help you choose what is best for you, to achieve the desired result.
  • Will my ability to breast feed be affected?
  • Make sure you are comfortable with the personal rapport between you and your physician.  In addition, you should feel at ease and comfortable with the staff. Are they addressing your concerns?

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Red Flags

  • A doctor who is impatient and rushes you to make a decision.
  • A doctor who is willing to combine multiple major procedures into one surgery. Your safety should be the priority, not to save money on facility fees, and anesthesia. Your doctor is not at his very best into the 6th hour of surgery. Remember, this is your health we are talking about.
  • A doctor who refuses to answer questions, or provide you with the necessary time to provide information.

Your Surgery

Breast implant augmentation surgery with Murphy Plastic Surgery,  plastic surgeon Dr. James E. Murphy  is usually performed in an outpatient basis, either in a hospital operating room or in a surgery center, using general anesthesia. Normally, you must arrive at the surgery facility one to two hours prior to the procedure, and you will be monitored in the recovery unit for one to two hours before being sent home. These times can vary, so be sure to inform your caregiver so he or she can be available when you’ll need transportation.

Your Recovery

During the first three days following surgery, you’ll experience the most discomfort.  Your breasts can be sore and swollen. They may feel very tight as well. It takes some time for the tissues to stretch to accommodate your new breast size. Don’t worry; it is a very temporary condition. Most women can return to work in five to seven days – sooner in some cases.

You will have a post-surgery appointment one or two days after the surgery, but if you have any concerns immediately after surgery, don’t wait to contact your surgeon.  Dr. Murphy will call you the evening of your surgery to make sure everything is going well, and answer any questions you may have.

How is a Breast Implant Augmentation Surgery Performed?

What is a basic description of the breast augmentation procedure?

Once anesthesia has taken effect, Dr. Murphy will make an incision in the decided location, and then create a “pocket” – a space within your breast tissues – for each breast implant. The breast implants will then be placed in the pockets and positioned for optimal appearance and symmetry. After comparing both breasts to ensure proper implant placement, size, and symmetry,  Dr. Murphy will close the incisions with stitches and then steri-strip bandages over the incision. You may have a guaze dressing over the site, or also be wrapped with ace bandages to hold position.

Where is the breast augmentation surgery performed?

Breast augmentation is most frequently performed on an outpatient basis in a hospital operating room, or outpatient surgery center.  At Murphy Plastic Surgery, Dr. James Murphy will most often take his patients to Renown South Meadows, to the outpatient surgery center.

How long does the breast implant procedure take?

Cases may differ, but on average the surgery lasts one to two hours.

What anesthesia will be used?

General anesthesia is most commonly used. Dr. Murphy will always use a board certified anesthesiologist.

Where will my incisions be located?

There are several different surgical approaches to the incision for breast implants. The most popular include Periareolar (around the nipple), Inframammary (beneath the fold of the breast), and Axillary ( in the crease of the arm-pit). A small incision is made in the chosen location, and the implant is placed either under the breast tissue or under the muscle. You and your surgeon, Dr.  James Murphy, will decide which incision is best for you.

What are my breast augmentation incision site options?

There are four incision sites used for breast augmentation: around the nipple (periareolar), within the breast fold (inframammary), and under the arm (transaxillary). Dr. Murphy will help you choose an incision site that best suits your frame and implant choice with the goal of resulting in minimal scarring. Get the details about each incision site now and then talk to Dr. Murphy about the pros and cons of each.

Periareolar Incision

Periaerolar Breast Incision


This incision site is typically the most concealed. It is associated with a higher likelihood of breast feeding difficulties than the other incision options because periareolar incision involves cutting through the breast tissue. This may also increase the chance that there will be a change in nipple sensation.

Inframammary Incision

This is the most commonly used incision for silicone implants at the present time, and is made below the breast fold. This incision is generally less concealed and may cause fewer breastfeeding difficulties than the periareolar incision option.

Inframammary Incision
Inframammory Incision

Transaxillary Incision

This incision is made under the arm. A pocket is created by tunneling thru tissue to behind the breast. This incision site is used primarily to place unfilled saline breast implants.

What are my options for breast implant placement?

Sub-Muscular vs. Sub-Glandular

Breast Augmentation Placement

You may have heard that there are options for the placement of breast implants within your breast tissue. In fact, there are two choices for breast implant placement: sub-glandular (under your breast tissue and over your chest muscle) or sub-muscular (under or partially under your chest muscle). Each placement type has benefits that may be right for you. Discuss your desired outcome with your plastic surgeon to select the best option for your figure.

Sub-Glandular Breast Implant Placement

With sub-glandular placement the implant location is between your chest muscle and your breast tissue (under the glands). This placement may help reduce your surgery and recovery time. It may be less painful than sub-muscular placement and may make your breast implants easier to access if re-operation is necessary. Implants that are sub-glandular may be easier to see and feel through your skin.

Sub-Muscular Breast Implant Placement

Sub-muscular placement means that your breast implants are placed partially or wholly under the pectoralis major chest muscle. Sub-muscular implants may result in a longer, more painful recovery than sub-glandular implants. Sub-muscular placement may result in less palpable implants and may reduce the risk of developing capsular contracture (Capsular Contracture: A tightening of the scar tissue surrounding an implant. May require an additional surgery to correct), as well as offer easier mammographic imaging of the breast.

What type of implant is used?

There are two main types of implants used in breast  implant augmentation surgery.  Those filled with saline and those filled with a silicone gel.  Saline implants are filled with a solution that is similar to the fluid in the human body. In 2006 the FDA approved silicone breast implants, after two decades of research and testing all over the world. Silicone gel implants are filled with a cohesive substance that is more like a solid than a liquid. Implants can be round or tear-drop shaped, smooth or textured.  During your personal consultation with Dr. James Murphy he will determine which implant is best for you.

Are Breast Implants safe?

After reviewing years of evidence and research concerning silicone gel-filled breast implants, the Institute of Medicine found that “evidence suggests diseases or conditions such as connective tissue diseases, cancer, neurological diseases or other systemic complaints or conditions are no more common in women with breast implants than in women without implants.”

How will I feel after surgery?

Immediately after surgery you will have some swelling, soreness, and bruising. Dr. Murphy will prescribe pain medications for the discomfort.  You will be up and about the next day, but very conservatively. You are not allowed to lift your arms above your head, or lift any heavy objects.  Stitches are generally removed a week later.

You will experience some swelling and bruising for a few weeks, but reducing over time.  Incisions will be red to pink, but fade out to light pink or white over time. We do have a Icon laser, that can minimize the discoloration of the scars quicker, if the patient chooses.  You will continue to wear a good support bra, 23 hours a day.

You will notice an immediate result and increase in breast size, but keep in mind, you have some swelling at this point. You will need to do some massage exercises to the breasts, to help get the surgical pocket where your implants were placed to relax. New implants tend to “ride high” at first, then relax into a natural placement over time.  You will probably have more realistic results after about 3 months.

After 4-6 weeks you may resume more vigorous exercise and full range of motion with your arms.   Follow-up care will occur within a week after surgery, and approximately every 3 months for the first year.

Dr. Murphy will call you the first night or following day after surgery, to make sure you are doing well. We are on-call for you 24 hours a day, if necessary.


James E. Murphy, MD, FACS, AMM

Born and raised in Reno, Nevada.

Dr. Murphy currently has one of the busiest and most respected cosmetic and reconstructive practices.

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What our Patients say about us

Dear Dr. Murphy:
I keep trying to figure out the right works to express to you the blessing we felt with your being the surgeon on duty the night (2/20/09) of Chrystle’s horrific snow boarding accident and the simple thank you, heartfelt, seems to cover it the best.
She is even more beautiful now as the accidents (remember she totaled the car on the Monday) have forced her to reevaluate some (make that all) choices she was making and she has matured into a very different individual than she was prior to the accidents. However the fact that your incredible skill as a Plastic Surgeon returned her as she was prior is still unbelievable to us and for that we are grateful beyond words.

Fondly, C.

The entire staff at Murphy Plastic Surgery is awesome! Professional, caring, informative and perfectionists. Tracy is amazing with injections. Love them all. Would use them for any cosmetic procedures.

Deb 10/2011

I went in for a consultation and was very impressed by the staffs’ professionalism. Everyone really made me feel at ease and confident. Dr. Murphy was very informative and willing to guide the patient to making a decision that is best for them.

Cathy 6/2011

Dear Doctor Murphy,

I want to thank you very much for your concern and care for me throughout my recent operations. As you know, I was a little reticent to have this operation at my age, but my husband wanted me to get it taken care of. I am grateful that my friend recommended you. Your reputation is par excellent with the Renown medical group and they made every effort to make me feel comfortable and at ease with my surgeries. Thank Meghan for all her help – she always seems to be there and had an answer to any questions I had.

Sincerely, Karen 2/2011

Dr. Murphy performed two surgeries on me, and I look and feel fabulous! His consultation, bedside manner, and post-op’s were always professional and very upbeat. Dr. Murphy has a great eye for making other beautiful. I definitely recommend him!

Anonymous 7/2011

I felt confident with Tracy and reassured. She took all the time necessary to answer my questions. I feel good about the whole process and very appreciative for the great pricing. Thank-you so much.

Peggy 1/2011

Some of the surgeons I saw said it couldn’t be done. The surgeons who did my radical mastectomy left my chest in a terrible state. Then I made an appointment with Dr. James Murphy and immediately I like him. He has a great bedside manner, cheerful, encouraging and supportive. He told me “yes” that I was candidate for breast reconstruction. He showed me pictures of his results and immediately I knew I could trust him. The whole experience was amazing and I am very happy and delighted with the results. My new breast looks excellent, natural, full, size, the shape I wanted and there is hardly any scaring. Dr. Murphy is an excellent surgeon who can be trusted with his amazing abilities. I would encourage any patient to submit to his care and feel comfortable know he is going to do a wonderful job with his talents. I speak from my personal experience and it was a good one. Dr. Murphy is an excellent surgeon, I highly recommend, and has improved the quality of my life.

Georgette Noble

My face-lift has made such a difference in the way I see myself. Dr. Murphy & his staff are extremely caring and compassionate people. I felt very comfortable in their care. I had a major heart scare 6 months after and his staff called my home to check on me. That says a whole lot in my book! I would never consider going to anyone else! Dr. Murphy & staff—YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!

-Kim Sammons

My review is really for the sweet girl Heather that works here. This place offers more services than just plastic
surgery. They have massage and salon services at their co-business Renew MD, face cleaners and dietary products. ANYWAY, Heather is wonderful and friendly and I thought she needed her own review under this business :)

Patient 6/2011

I went in for a consultation and was very impressed by the staffs’ professionalism…

Cathy 6/2011

Dr. Strand,

Thank-you for your amazing work.  I came to you on such high recommendations and I will continue to highly recommend you.  Without much time or consulting, you gave me a beautiful set of breasts and an increase in my self esteem.  Thank-you for your time and talent.


I want to thank Dr. Murphy and his staff for making my surgery go so smoothly. First of all, I am extremely pleased with the overall results. I was looking to shed some years without changing my look and we succeeded very well. The staff throughout the orientation, during the procedure, and after, took a personal interest in how I was doing. They positively reinforced me every step of the way. I am thoroughly pleased with the entire experience. Any further enhancements will definitely be done by Dr. Murphy and his outstanding staff.


Their was no pressure from him oranyone in his office to set the procedure up.

Sue 10/2011

Dr. Murphy has a great eye for making other beautiful.

I 7/2011

Dr. Murphy is awesome as well as Tracie Murphy and the entire office staff! They treat everyone special and give individualized attention for all your needs and questions. Great detail is given for whatever procedure you are having. They truly are perfectionists at this office and are located right next to the surgery center. Look no further for the best plastic surgery Doctor and staff in the Reno area.

Debbie 9/2011

After breast feeding 4 babies, losing weight, and turning the corner of 40 my breasts took a dive to the South Pole.
My consultation with Dr. James Murphy was relaxed and I felt he was veryknowledgable of what I needed to have done. Their was no pressure from him oranyone in his office to set the procedure up. But I knew I would not be happy until I had a lift and breast augmentation done. I must say it is quite an improvement from the day I walked in his office. My breasts are back to looking
youthful & perky and Dr. Murphy took all my considerations in. I didn’t even have to take pain meds. I don’t know why I waited so long to have it done. I would highly recommend Dr. Murphy for breast lift and augmentation to any woman. What are you waiting for?

Sue 10/2011

Wonderful Experience! Very informative, great staff, knowledgeable and fun too! Thank-you.


I have been a patient of NNPSA (now Murphy Plastic Surgery) for over 13 years now. Dr. Murphy has quite frankly saved my life! I first met Dr. Murphy in 1999 when I had a breast augmentation. And in June 2010, he performed a preventative bilateral mastectomy due to a very strong family history and the fact a mass was found on my mammogram. My mother and sister are both breast cancer survivors, having had the same cancer, same breast, same age. And that age was 48. During my annual mammogram when I was 48, they found a mass. After two years of MRIs, ultrasounds, and “watching” it, I decided to take back my fear of breast cancer and take control of my life. Dr. Murphy helped me do just that!! Even after five surgeries/procedures, I have never looked back for even one second and/or regretted my decision. I don’t think I could have done it without the unwavering support of Dr. Murphy and his staff each step of the way.

Heather, 6/2012