SculpSure® Procedure in Reno, Nevada

Lose the Love Handles with SculpSure®

Slim Love Handles - Sculpsure in Reno, NV
If you’re struggling to get rid of your midsection bulge or achieve a leaner contour in your body, Dr. James Murphy now offers SculpSure® at his Reno, Nevada, practice. This advanced technology eliminates stubborn pockets of fat without surgery. Developed by Cynosure, this completely noninvasive treatment can help you achieve the look you desire without surgery.

SculpSure® Results


What Is SculpSure®?

SculpSure® is a noninvasive, heat-based treatment for removing stubborn fat deposits on the abdomen and flanks. Recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration, this technology is the world's first hands-free hyperthermic body contouring system.

This clinically proven treatment disrupts subcutaneous fat cells with heat applied using a hyperthermic laser. Your body naturally eliminates the fat cells over the course of six to 12 weeks following treatment. Meanwhile, the treatment also stimulates the production of collagen, rejuvenating skin in the treatment area.

The SculpSure® Procedure

The procedure for this noninvasive treatment is very simple. It involves a hands-free device that can treat each area in a single session lasting about 25 minutes. The device attaches without suction to achieve consistent results in every area treated. The heat radiates from the applied pads, so surrounding areas are affected as well, ensuring a uniform appearance. The patient simply massages the area and is encouraged to drink a lot of water to flush the destroyed fat cells.

Once the 25-minute session is complete, you can return to your everyday routine. There is no downtime required whatsoever. You can also do multiple treatments to different areas of the body in the same day. Each treatment consists of applying four pads to a given area of concern.

Over the next six to 12 weeks, the agitated fat tissue will slowly break down and be flushed from the body. We achieve our best results with two treatment sessions to the same body area six weeks apart. Results typically show at least a 24 percent reduction of fat at the treated sites.

Benefits of SculpSure®


SculpSure® is nonsurgical. Unlike most treatments intended to eliminate fat, SculpSure® requires no surgery whatsoever. In fact, the procedure simply disrupts the fat cells with light-based energy and your body naturally eliminates the fat on its own. As a result, patients require no downtime after the procedure and can immediately return to their daily routine.


SculpSure® is convenient. SculpSure® requires only 25 minutes per session to produce effective results. Patients do not need to set aside significant amounts of time to undergo treatment.


SculpSure® is fairly comfortable. The SculpSure® device uses Contact Cooling, a special technology developed by Cynosure, to prevent skin damage and minimize any patient discomfort. As a result, the procedure is very tolerable; most patients experience only a tingly feeling. Even patients who are more sensitive can tolerate a SculpSure® treatment. There is no freezing, no suction, and no vigorous massage.


SculpSure® is affordable. Because SculpSure® technology is noninvasive, it is accordingly less expensive for patients when compared to other procedures. More women and men than ever before can experience the benefits of body contouring.


SculpSure® is effective. Of the 100 patients treated during clinical trials, more than 90 percent reported that they had reached their goals and were satisfied with the effects of the treatment.

For more information about how SculpSure® can give you the body you desire, contact us today and set up an appointment.