PrecisionTx™ for Hyperhidrosis in Reno

Eliminate Excessive Underarm Sweating With PrecisionTx™

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Do you feel uncomfortable in public due to excessive underarm sweating? Are you restricted from wearing long-sleeved tops and dresses because you are self-conscious about sweat stains? Have the best antiperspirants failed in controlling the sweating? Then you may be a good candidate for minimally invasive laser treatment to address hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating.

To treat hyperhidrosis, Dr. James E. Murphy offers PrecisionTx™, a nontoxic, minimally invasive laser treatment that targets overactive axillary (underarm) sweat glands. Axillary gland ablation at Dr. Murphy's Reno, Nevada, plastic surgery practice is a convenient way to inhibit excessive underarm sweating. The treatment is quick and requires only minimal downtime.
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Excessive underarm sweating is a common problem that can negatively impact daily life.

A Revolutionary Noninvasive Treatment

Traditionally, hyperhidrosis patients would undergo invasive surgery to control the excessive sweating. Nonsurgical treatments would involve BOTOX® injections that offer only temporary relief.

The entire PrecisionTx™ process takes about an hour, and in just one office visit patients achieve long-term relief from hyperhidrosis.

The PrecisionTx™ laser is a minimally invasive revolutionary laser treatment that targets and destroys underarm sweat glands, offering long-term relief from the problems of bothersome sweating.

PrecisionTx™ Treatment Process

Your treatment begins with your initial consultation with Dr. Murphy at Murphy Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, where he will assess your health history to determine whether you are a good candidate for the PrecisionTx™ treatment for hyperhidrosis. At your next appointment, a trained esthetician will administer a local anesthetic to the treatment site before beginning the laser procedure.

During the procedure, we insert a cannula through a small incision in the armpit area to deliver laser energy to targeted sweat glands to ablate (destroy) them. The entire process takes about an hour, and in just one office visit, patients achieve long-term relief from hyperhidrosis.

Recovery and Aftercare

PrecisionTx™ delivers long-lasting results in just one sitting, and patients generally experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. You may feel a small amount of pressure when the laser is applied to target the axillary gland, and some soreness afterward. However, any discomfort typically resolves in a few days.

Most patients can return to all normal activities in a very short time, as there is minimal downtime required after this treatment.

Combining Treatments for a Complete Makeover

Murphy Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa offers comprehensive body makeover treatments utilizing the most advanced techniques to refine your contours and help you achieve your dream body. Dr. Murphy offers SculpSure®, Smartlipo™, and Cellulaze™ to target stubborn fat deposits and cellulite in a minimally invasive manner. In addition, our practice offers traditional liposuction, tummy tuck, and arm lift procedures to create an attractive, shapely figure.

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The PrecisionTx™ treatment can ensure you no longer need to be inhibited by sweaty underarms. If you would like to learn more about the PrecisionTx™ laser treatment and how you can experience its benefits, please call us at 775-322-3446 or contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Murphy.