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Giving a Flourish to Your Features

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Your body is highly individual and beautiful in its own way. If you have a feature that detracts from your image, place it in the qualified hands of Murphy Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa in Reno, Nevada. We can alter any imperfections that make you uncomfortable so that your best physical characteristics shine, making you look great and feel great.

Why Choose Us?

Murphy Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa was established to enhance your natural beauty while increasing your happiness with your appearance and maintaining your health. Using masterful techniques, our clinic offers a comprehensive range of plastic surgery procedures to enhance the body, face, and breasts. Our Reno, Nevada, practice also features a medical spa offering injectable treatments, laser skin therapy, and more.

Plastic Surgery Professionals

Dr. Murphy — Plastic Surgery Practice in Reno, NV
With the help of an incredible staff, Dr. Murphy has gained a reputation for outstanding, compassionate patient care and amazing results. From breast augmentation to face-lifts, Dr. Murphy has an excellent track record of success in helping patients reach their cosmetic goals through quality plastic surgery.

Dr. Murphy also maintains an active reconstructive practice, performing cleft lip and palate surgeries, as well as facial reconstruction for patients injured in accidents.

While you’re with us, we will take the time to answer your questions, develop a unique treatment plan and ensure your comfort.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the plastic surgery services we offer, call us at our clinic in Reno, Nevada.