SkinPen is a non-surgical, medical grade precision tool that works to stimulate the skins natural production of new collagen and elastin by penetrating deeper into the layers of the skin with microscopic grooves often referred to as Microneedling. One of the most common reasons someone would have a microneedling procedure done would be to reduce fine line and wrinkles, reducing the signs of aging, and to smooth the appearance of acne scars.

Are you a good candidate? Yes, microneedling is one of those procedures that is safe and effective on an adult with any skin type and skin color.

Like most people, I'm sure the word microneedling scares you and you are asking yourself is the pain worth it? Everyone says pain is beauty right? I will let you in on a little secret - we put on a numbing agent in order to reduce any potential discomfort you might encounter.

Depending on your skin type and area of focus the procedure can take about 30-60 minutes, sometimes certain skin types and problem areas need additional sessions.

The downtime after a SkinPen procedure is very minimal, and you may have some mild pinkness.

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